Submersion | Rosebud Aquatic Centre


SUBMERSION | Rosebud Aquatic Centre

Joint Project with Jared Drever

| Nominated for the RMIT University Kirril Koslof Award for Design Excellence | 

Proposal to create an open promenade Aquatic Centre on the Rosebud foreshore.  RMIT University were approached to run a design studio to generate community interest in the site and pave the way for future development.



Our concept was to submerge Rosebud in a wave of beach culture. Through our studies we explored the golden age of the pool in the 1950 and 60. Where whole families would spend their days in the safe surrounds of aquatic centres. Because our site faces the beach we see an opportunity to drift the community from the Metropolitan Melbourne to their bay; creating a meeting place to spark a strong coastal identity once again in Rosebud.



Our proposal sees the bay rushing forth in a wave to greet the people of the town, creating a safe environment that invites Rosebud to interact with the water in it’s own way.  Our design will create an environment where swimmers can safely progress, from the covered “rock pool” recreation pools, move to the open fifty metre Olympic pool then to explore the open bay beyond.

This “wave” will carry with it elements of underwater Flora and Fauna such as Sea Urchins. Sea Urchins travel on the whim of the ocean currents, sometimes becoming lodged in rocks and seaweeds. Our Sea Urchin forms are swept in with the wave, settling to create secure, programmatic pods containing the defining elements of the Aquatic Centre.



By modelling the rock pools of the Mornington Peninsula and using fluid dynamics scripting we created a timber and glass and timber Gridshell structural canopy, covering programmatic pods housed within the structure. (Below left image)  During the winter months the canopy will be enclosed with inflatable walls at each end for comfort.  (Below right image)


The “Sea Urchin” Pods were modelled from both alive and fossilised sea urchins (Below right image) and are covered by perforated extrusions, each filled with a pane of glass.  This will created a dappled light, evoking the feeling of being underwater and softening the surrounds. (Below left image)



The floor plan seeks to separate the building into 2 distinct areas; Public spaces such as the main promenade and pool and  “Rock Pool” – recreation pools then the private paid areas, such as the spa treatment areas and the gym.



Ground Floor


Mezzanine and First Floor





The Rockpools.


Olympic Pool in promenade.






Grandstand area in promenade and entry to the “Rockpools”.






View from Point Napean rd.



Final Presentation to Mornington Council.

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